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QuadAir Drone

QuadAir Drone™

QuadAir Drone is a lightweight quadcopter drone specifically designed for professional filmmakers and photographers. Professionals use drones to take aerial photos and create aerial videos. You can capture crisp images and videos from high altitude with the drone’s incredible cameras.

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What is QuadAir Drone Exactly?

The QuadAir drone is a small and lightweight quadcopter. This drone has an inbuilt stabilization system that allows for easy flying and hovering, even when there is no wind blowing, unlike many other drones on the market which don’t have such systems.

It is a folding, lightweight drone that is designed to make flying incredibly simple. The QuadAir drone is the right choice for you if you have no prior drone flying or aerial photography experience but are desperate to enter this industry.
As the name implies, the QuadAir Drone is a precision-engineered drone built to fly and record/capture high-quality photographs and videos while in flight. Zooming into sights that the human eye cannot fathom makes it an excellent travel companion.
Because of this built-in stabilizer, users can always control the QuadAir drone even when flying indoors. The built-in stabilization system also allows for a steady, smooth picture and video to be recorded.
The stylish QuadAir drone is made by skilled engineers. This drone is made of high-quality materials that resist weather damage.

what is QuadAir Drone

Key Features Of QuadAir Drone

Take a look at the main QuadAir Drone benefits that you can expect from Here are some of the important QuadAir Drone benefits :


Lightweight and foldable:

A drone's portability and functionality are both greatly impacted by its weight. Transporting the drone from one location to another will be difficult if it weighs too much. However, this is so little and light that anyone can just put it in his pocket and leave it there when he is finished with it. 

Pre-programmed camera modes: 

The pre-programmed camera mode allows you to capture great images without having any photography experience. There are two sorts of camera modes pre-programmed in this Drone. Their names are the boomerang and the asteroid.

Simple Control:

The QuadAir drone is straightforward to fly and simple to navigate. Although the system is simpler, it still has all the necessary components a drone needs. It is created and constructed in a way that will satisfy both experts and novices equally. 

A superior camera:

High-quality cameras are a common feature of drones priced so expensive. Aerial photography vehicles often have cameras that are even more advanced than the lenses we typically use on standard cameras. However, a camera on a drone that costs only 1/6th as much as the drone itself cannot be expected to be of the same caliber. 

Panorama pictures:

Anyone with a drone hopes to capture the ideal panoramic image. Drones, which are unmanned aircraft used for aerial photography, may capture stunning panoramas when they are flying at a great altitude. They possess the capacity to access amazing vistas that are inaccessible to individuals.

Long Battery Life:

The 1x 3.7v 500mAh LIPO battery in this product lasts at least 30 minutes, yet it only takes around 70 minutes or an hour to completely charge.

Cutting Edge Technology:

Equipped with state of the art technology for ultra high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless possibilities.

3D Acrobatic Mode:

With the flip of a switch this drone unlocks its full potential. Perform extraordinary flip and roll maneuvers with ease to amaze your friends and family.

How QuadAir Drone Works?

QuadAir Drone

QuadAir drones are equipped with different state of the art technology such as infrared cameras, GPS and laser. It is controlled by remote ground control systems (GSC) and also referred to as a ground cockpit.

QuadAir’s 12-megapixel 4K UHD drone camera ensures photo and video quality befitting a professional production, no matter where you are. Clear, sharp images and video may be captured using the camera. The camera’s view may be freely manipulated to provide the best possible perspective. The steadiness of the drone also guarantees stable and unshakeable video.

The engineering materials used to build the drone are highly complex composites designed to absorb vibration, which decrease the sound produced. These materials are very light weight.

Red, green and blue sensors collect standard visual red, green and blue wavelengths, and multispectral sensors collect visible and nonvisible wavelengths, such as infrared and ultraviolet. Accelerometers,magnetometers, barometers and GPS

The device’s 3.7v 500mAh LIPO battery provides a fantastic flight duration of 30 minutes. It has room for extra batteries, in case the first battery fails, the drone may also be fitted with extra batteries. Thus, the Quad Air Drone can be used for any activity irrespective of the duration and place.

Benefits Of Using The QuadAir Drone

Take a look at the main QuadAir Drone benefits that you can expect from Here are some of the important QuadAir Drone benefits :


Long-term durability


It will allow anyone to take professional-quality photos


The light design


QuadAir drone has the potential to fly at speeds of up to 70 kph and capture high-resolution pictures or videos (43 miles). 


The QuadAir drone is a lightweight, compact gadget that can fly at great heights. With unmatched clarity on HD720p cameras, its precision design offers excellent results and gives people access to breathtaking vistas of beautiful locations. 


This portable tool is ideal for use indoors and outdoors. 


It’s able to go farther and faster among the drones that are available, QuadAir Drone is said to be the fastest , with the highest speed

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QuadAir Drone

Fast shipping, solid drone, great features. My wife and kids absolutely love it! Great drone for the whole family.

Jennifer G
- New Jersey
QuadAir Drone

The camera is much better than my other drone, which I paid 5 times as much for! Only issue I found is that you can’t fit a tablet into the controller.

- Maine
QuadAir Drone

Great drone for the money! I love the camera and the pictures look super sharp. I even flew it at night and the lights make it very easy to navigate. It has an amazing overall performance and beautiful design. I definitely recommend this!

 - Texas
QuadAir Drone
QuadAir Drone
QuadAir Drone
QuadAir Dronen
How to Use  QuadAir drone?

Step1: Pre-flight check.
● Check your QuadAir drone transmitter’s range.
● Make sure your drone and transmitter batteries are both charged.
● Remove any small obstacles in the area you’ll be flying in.
● Turn on your QuadAir Drone and set it down so the backlights are facing you.
● Turn the transmitter on and make sure it’s connected to the drone.
Step 2: Drone basics for beginners
● Start flying inside an empty, open room.
● Use the left joystick to control the drone’s elevation.
● Push the right joystick to control the drone’s direction.
● Practice taking off, hovering, and landing.
● Work on hovering and stabilizing your QuadAir drone.
● Practice making some gentle turns with the right joystick.

Step 3: Outdoor practice
● Take the drone outside to a quiet, open area.
● Fly on clear days with little to no wind for the best conditions.
● Use your controls to balance the drone against the light wind.
● Don’t fly your drone over water in case it falls.

QuadAir drone 100% money back guarantee

QuadAir drone™ 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

The QuadAir drone is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for 30 full days from your original purchase.

If you’re not totally and completely satisfied with the QuadAir drone or your experience in the first 30 days from your purchase simply let us know at QuadAir drone  and we’ll give you a refund within 48 hours of the product being returned.

That’s right, simply return the QuadAir drone  even empty bottles, anytime within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a refund, no questions asked!

“ What Happens After I Click The QuadAir drone “Buy Now” Button? ”

Once you have clicked the QuadAir drone “Buy Now” button that is right below this text, you will be taken to the secure checkout page. Just enter your information, and you will then be given instant access to the entire QuadAir drone.

QuadAir drone

QuadAir Drone Frequently Asked Questions

The Quad Air Drone is made from high-quality plastic and other materials that make it able to withstand crashes without any damage done.

QuadAir Drone is a hi-tech quadcopter with a lightweight and foldable structure. It is promisingly durable and easy to handle for both beginners and pros.

The Quad Air Drone can stay in the air for about 7-10 minutes, which is pretty standard compared to similar drones on the market. It uses 100mAh batteries which are small enough to give it a longer flying time without adding to its weight.

It takes about two hours to fully recharge the battery and ensure that it is ready for use. This may seem like a long time, but you can easily use your remote controller or smartphone to control the drone while each one is being charged.

If anyone aims to capture perfect aerial action shots with HD camera resolution at a cheap price, QuadAir Drone can be the right opinion. Besides, it is included with other impressive features like an in-built pre-programmed camera, boomerang, and the asteroid, so that the user can have professional quality footage easier.

Yes, the user can connect a QuadAir Drone with any smart device.

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